A Political Cartel? 

Today’s feature is a comment from Senator Bob Day, AO of South Australia

As you know, I have asked the High Court to declare the new senate voting laws invalid. Attempts by the government’s Solicitor General to have the case struck out were given short shrift by the Chief Justice who indicated the case would likely go before the full bench of the High Court in early May. 

I’m sure many will be interested in seeing what the High Court has to say about the growing influence of the major parties in how senators are elected. Under these new voting laws, it is now possible for the major parties to poll 60 or 70 percent of the vote but get 100% of the seats. This deal with the Greens to wipe out the minor parties and independents will not end well for the Liberals.

79 minor parties and independents stood at the last election (and over 3 million people voted for them) and if they decide to preference against the Coalition (who could blame them?), it could well cost Malcolm the election. And if there is a double dissolution election, it is likely there will be a similar number, if not more, crossbenchers than there are now. As usual, the government hasn’t thought this through properly.

Bear in mind also, it was the cross-bench which enabled the Abbott government to pass it’s key election policies – abolishing the carbon tax, abolishing the mining tax, border protection laws, to amend the GST distribution formula, amend weekend penalty rates, etc. None of these initiatives would come from the major parties. etc. The Greens opposed each of those. Having got those through, for the Liberal Party to then team up with the Greens to get rid of those who supported them is deplorable.

The Liberals talk endlessly about “lower taxes, small government and greater freedom’ yet every time they get into office they increase the tax take, increase the size of the government and increase the amount of regulation! When Labor politicians get into power they pay no attention to the aims of socialism in the same way the Liberals pay no attention to the aims of free enterprise.

I note also, it is independent senators like myself who introduce bills and do and say things the major parties can’t or won’t do e.g. free speech, owner-drivers, weekend penalty rates, GST distribution formula etc.

For those who don’t want to see Australia evolve into an American-style 2-party system (cartel?), they can give to my High Court appeal at:

BSB 085 005

A/c  482 459 577

Best regards


Senator Bob Day AO

Senator for South Australia

77 Fullarton Road, Kent Town SA 5067

Tel 08 8331 0151 Mob 0412 791 920

S1.94 Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600

Tel 02 6277 3373  Fax 02 6277 5951


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